WEDNESDAY 4th Dec 2019   First Quarter Moon   5.58pm   Waxing in Pisces

The New Moon in Sagittarius on Wednesday 27th of November, bought expanding consciousness. Shooting arrows of possibilities to explore adventures in new directions. With great inspirations onward and upward to the struggle of the Crescent moon in Capricorn, Friday and Saturday. Taking up possession of a new direction and breaking free under the Aquarius Moon on Sunday, Monday, brings activation for change, on the 1st quarter, waxing moon in Pisces, Wednesday Dec 4.

This Pisces 1st quarter moon,  rendezvous with its ruler Neptune. Aspects from the North Node and Venus will bring opportunities for love and appreciation and Mars Courage, to watch out for the signs to follow, follow your feelings and listen with your heart.



Create time to relax, reflect, dream on inspirations, resting with them, contemplating what needs releasing to find resolution with the arrows shot from the New Moon in Sagittarius. Making positive adjustments in your reconsideration.




A foot bath, reflexology, lymphatic drainage massage, an ocean swim, time by the sea, meditation, music, dancing and painting, to the dreamy, contemplation of the Pisces energy over using addictive substances.




 Contemplate inspirations for your 2020 Vision board

Journal insights and struggles with new inspirations, let go, everything changes…





Enjoy steamed Veg, spinach, beans, seaweeds, fruits like; plums, peaches, grapes, watermelon, dates, whole-grain’s millet, (rice, oats).

Breakfast: millet, rice or oat porridge with peaches.

Lunch and dinner: Steamed veg, with seaweeds over millet or rice.

Snacks and drinks during the day: dates and watermelon.



Watermelon and Strawberry Agua Fresca

Too keep you cool and hydrated in the Australian summertime heat

Recipe from: Rosalee de la Forêt Rosalee bestselling book “Alchemy of Herbs: Transform Everyday Ingredients Into Foods & Remedies That Heal.”

Blend about 5 cups of cubed watermelon (no black seeds or rinds) about a pint of strawberries 1/4 cup water a handful of mint.


A lemon foot bath: Beneficial to support transitions and help to wind down, to ground and re-center, to ease built up emotions and promote healthy rhythms. (Do not use a lemon  foot-bath when fever is present or during pregnancy). Place the lemon in the foot-bath warm water. Cut the lemon in half, under water so that the life of the juice and oil is immerses into the water, scrape the skin and cross-section each half and squeeze.


Stay tuned as we head into the Full Moon in Gemini on the Thursday 12th December.

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