From the new possibilities of the Sagittarius New Moon 2 weeks ago, dreaming them up on the first quarter in Pisces, now in the spotlight of the full moon we can , share the inspirations – speak our truths, the truth sets us free! Control of speech (thoughts) becomes sense of truth.

Make plans for the new moon shooting arrows of possibilities and ideas to explore adventures in new directions , now is the time, on the Gemini full moon, to create and execute the plans. What is the call to adventure, what is stirring you to pursue your passion?  Bring the inspirations to a completion, add the finishing touches, do the final negotiations.


This full moon may feel inconsistent, practice open mindedness, adaptability, and flexibility. The rationality of the Gemini full Moon is challenged by the nebulous inspirational waters of Neptune.

Let the Gemini full moon illuminate our dualities. Think before speaking. Persevere to incorporate the understanding wisdom of intuition and sensitivity, be innovative and imaginative to view the Sagittarian new moon visions, with faithfulness, in the Gemini full moons light.


Agrimony is the Bach flower remedy to help you speak your truth without worrying what others are thinking. It helps free you from inner torment, engaging you to be in touch with your emotions, helping to alleviate fear of emotions, like saying “I’m all good” when you are clearly not feeling it, putting on a brave face. If there is a tendency to escape through drugs or alcohol or other masking behaviours, like keeping busy, to escape the emotions or fear of letting others see them. Agrimony helps us be comfortable with our emotions.

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