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Welcome to our end of year, Solstice and Christmas blog.
This year bought the birth of Stony Chute Herbals and the opening of our Air bnb health retreat. We hope to meet your needs of rest, relaxation and restoration into the years ahead.
Stony chute herbals offer an eco-friendly vitality experience, to restore you back to health and wellbeing. You can choose to immerse yourself in this natural environment for rest and relaxation with a stay in the accommodation or have a complete tailored health package experience.
If you live locally you can come to the clinic for Naturopathic and Astrology consultations in the rural garden setting, or if you live afar Skype consultations are available.
Workshops will be available throughout the year on herbalism and astrology, with guest workshops on nutrition, basket weaving and art. Stay tuned the workshop outline or 209 will be out in the New Year.
Stony Chute Herbals is for those who want to live better, into vitality. Believe in the rejuvenating powers of nature, the sounds of frogs and birds, the leap of a wallaby. Sunrise over the mountain. To rest in a wooden cabin without electricity, powered by the sun. Shower and bathe outdoors in fresh rain water. To wiggle your toes in the fresh green clover filled grass. Stony chute herbals are for those who brave the rustic to return to health and fill up your vitality.
For modern day heroes conquering the world, frazzled, fragmented, overwhelmed, over worked, in overdrive, over stimulated, stressed out, burnt out, busy, rushing, feet not touching the ground, swept up in the business of life, the fast awaking culture, tethered to the demands of everyday life.

When I’m really tired, like burnt out tired, I just want to lay down to the soothing sounds of nature on comfy couches in a cabin with plenty of natural light and majestic views, a good bath infused with bath salts, flowers and essential oils. A big bed with linen sheets. Simple healthy food catered from the organic garden, or cooked by me, perhaps visit a café in just a slow smooth short drive down the scenic country road.

When you want to be inspired to hear your thoughts, connect with your inspiration, imagination, to leave aside the buzz of electricity, and electro radiation, to hear what really matters, this is the place for you!

When your wanting to immerse yourself in the other, in your friend or lover, wanting peacefulness, romantic campfires under the stars, privacy, space to embrace. To eat, sleep, be, loved! Massages, sweet fresh fruit juices, sunrises, afternoon walks and moonlit baths.



For those who know that to make a change, in your environment, in the world, change begins with oneself.
People who come for a consultation or to stay are those with respect for nature, for the adventure, for the introspection, for new directions.
Our wish is to nurture you, to rest restore re calibrate realign refresh you. A place where you can have time out, unplug from wifi, mobile tower radiation, traffic jams, noise and pollution, and leave a low carbon footprint.

A private weekend getaway with optional health packages.

Astrology consultations: When you need to be deeply listened too, with offerings of inspired words for contemplative insights.

Naturopathic consultations: when you need help with diet, detoxification, health concerns, stress management, the right herbal medicine can be prescribed from learned knowledge and an experienced hand.

We moved to Stony Chute over 20 years ago embracing the eco lifestyle that has felt like a gift a privilege, to share this with you is our wish. To create a place of rest and restoration, enjoyment and pleasure is our treasure.
The Northern rivers of NSW is subtropics of lush green vegetation, world heritage national parks, pristine beaches, fresh water swimming holes, beautiful rivers, majestic scenery, encompassing unique villages, farmers and artisan markets, festivals and galleries.


A list of self care festive season tips to keep you at ease 🙂

  • Make lists
  • Create a routine
  • Exercise
  • Breathe
  • Drink water
  • Don’t over schedule
  • Ask for help if needed
  • Be intentional and present
  • Respect your budget
  • Be creative (make some gifts)
  • Get some rest, Schedule down time
  • Read a book
  • Go for a walk
  • Be mindful of expectations – pay attention to how your feeling in present moment
  • Take 5, if feeling overwhelmed
  • Focus on appreciation and positivity
  • Focus on giving
  • Get out and about – connection
  • Give someone else a helping hand
  • Give your season’s greeting to strangers
  • Allow yourself to receive
  • Greet your family members with positivity, with awareness of your triggers, keep your expectations realistic
  • Letting go and enjoying yourself, take a break if you need to momentarily from festivities
  • Unplug – put down your phone, don’t answer emails, check FB, Instagram for a day
  • Set boundaries – say no when need to, and yes when you want to
  • Create connection through group activities (like games)
  • Find peacefulness through satisfaction

Festive eating:

  • Eat before you go out to avoid excessive snacking
  • Think Veggies, plant-based foods, leafy greens.
  • For hydration:
    Coconut water
    Water, or herbal iced teas over soft drinks
  • My favorites herbal teas for summer are;
    Hibiscus and Rosella (Australian native)
    Lemon balm
  • To make herbal tea infusion
    2 teaspoons dried or fresh herb
    Infuse in ½ cup boiled water for 10 mins, strain
    As it cools can add sweetener honey or maple syrup if desired
    When cooled pour over cup of ice and garnish with mint leaves or lavender flowers

For festive recipes:
“Cooking Vegan” by Vesanto Melina RD and Joseph Forest. Book Publishing Co. 2012.


21 Bach flower and Australian Bush Flower Essences to keep you together over the festive season

Courage, strength, survivals skills in navigating the hectic-ness of Xmas and the holiday season: Waratah
Creativity: Turkey bush
Enthusiasm: Banksia robor.
Exhaustion: Olive if the preparations for Christmas leave you too tired to enjoy it
Frustration: Holly.
Heat: Mulla Mulla for sunburn and summer heat
Impatience: Impatiens.
Indecision: Scleranthus
Indecision and rushing: Jacaranda
Intolerance, irritability, fault finding: Try Beech if Auntie Elsie’s eating habits and taste in television irritate you beyond measure.
Lack of abundance Christmas bush
Monday morning feeling around Christmas: Hornbeam; if you feel like staying in bed.
Overwhelm: Elm
Overwhelm and indecision, indigestion: Paw Paw
Patience, focus, clarity, peacefulness: Blackeyed Susan.
Perfectionism: Rock Water
Perfection and over exertion, tension: Vervain
Play: Little Flannel Flower
Resentment: Try Willow if you feel sorry for yourself because you are the only one who isn’t having a good time.
Rest and recovery: Macrocarpa
Worry: Crowea, White Chestnut



  • St Marys thistle for liver and digestive support if you have been over indulging
  • Dandelion lattes
  • Vital greens
  • Lavender and lemon balm drinks
  • Chamomile tea not only aids digestion but will keep you calm


  • Nux Vomica for overindulgence, over eating, late nights, too much alcohol….


  • Summer Solstice Saturday, December 22, 2018 at 9:22 am Sydney time.
    Moon is in Gemini, in challenging aspect to Mars and Neptune In Pisces – may feel like imploding, irrational, be over thinking and confused. Network for connections that uplift.
    The Sun in the last degree of Sagittarius makes a challenging aspect to Venus in Scorpio, again take it gently when relating. Uranus will help bring forth individuality and insights from the higher self – go with those over the lower more primitive feelings and emotions that keep us tethered.
    Mercury conjunct Jupiter is Sagittarius – brings a thirst for knowledge, adventure, with a challenge from Neptune around clear discrimination, but the ability to enthusiastically dream big.
    Personal desires may feel thwarted at this time, focus on the needs of others.
  • Full Moon at 0 degrees Cancer 23 Dec 2018 4:48 am
    Sensitive, nurturing, feeling, Cancer Moon is in a challenging aspect to Chiron in Pisces (Mars and Neptune) At this time of year of connection, giving and love – difficulties and over emotional feelings may arise around rejection, own individuality and resources, grief, The Mother, home and domestic life. Uranus brings opportunities to express one’s individuality and take note of insights and flashes of intuition.
    Be careful with food hygiene and digestion, assimilation under these astrological influences.
  • New Moon Capricorn Sunday 6th Jan 2019
    Plan for the year ahead, consider how you can be of service to yourself and others, focusing on the needs of the world. (for more see Astromoonguide 2019)

Go Well and all the best celebrations to you and yours.

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