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Naturopath Herbalist Fiona Maunder inspires possibilities for overcoming anxiety, depression, despair, stress and shame. Over the past 20 years Fiona has helped many people from children to teenagers, women and their families transform their health and wellbeing through personalised service, practical and expert health care solutions from current up to date and experienced professional knowledge. With a passion for wellness, brings holistic strategies, to transform health and wellbeing with tools for maintenance of empowering self-care responsibility and health management.

Through her own health healing journey Fiona studied Natural therapies in her early 20’s undertaking Diplomas of Naturopathy, Herbalism, Homoeopathy, Massage (Nature Care College) onto a Bachelor of Health Science (UNE). Employed in chemists, pharmacies, local apothecaries, herbal dispensaries, and private practice, within the Northern Rivers of NSW. After many years of observing the increase of mental health stress within our communities, and the ongoing trauma related issues stemming from the violence of colonization and the healing/recovery of Indigenous peoples. Fiona obtained a Masters of Indigenous Studies (Wellbeing) (SCU). Deepening her understanding, knowledge of trauma, mental health and wellbeing related sufferings and recoveries. Fiona also works for We Al Li Pty Ltd (An Indigenous Trauma informed training company) as their Self-care officer and co facilitator.

As a general naturopathic physician focused on mental health and digestive wellbeing, (inclusive of stress, anxiety, depression, loss and grief, gut and digestive disorders, immune health) treating with therapies such as Herbal medicine, Bach and bush flower remedies, homoeopathy, food and nutrition, meditative and contemplative exercises, body work and mapping, incorporating laboratory testing when required, working collaboratively with local Doctors and medical and other natural health care practitioners. Fiona has a strong interest and has been also been studying Anthroposophical Medicine and Inner work path meditative practices for several years, incorporating this dynamic holistic model into her practice, as well as referring to specialized areas where appropriate.

Fiona has talked herbs at local markets and delivers self-care packages and training to local businesses and organizations.

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