MARCH 2021

STAR WISDOM of the Sidereal zodiac

Sky visible naked eye viewing of planets for March

Be up early to view this month  Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn in the east. The Moon will pass over Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn from the 10th to the 12th.

This month is a great time to see Mercury as a morning star (27 degrees west of the Sun), Mercury is never very far from the Sun, therefore not so easy to see, even 20 degrees close to the Sun it is difficult to see due to the Sun’s glare.

Mars can still be seen with the naked eye. And on the 19th in the sidereal zodiac constellation of Taurus, you will see the new crescent Moon passing by Mars (1). Taurus has a relationship to the eustachian tubes and the larynx, (as ancients depicted the symbol of the bull, imagine the bull horns (eustachian tubes)and the triangle of the bulls forehead (larynx)) therefore speech, and the planet Mars the capacity for speech. You can view Mars in Taurus in the West a couple of hours after sunset (6).

Mercury and Jupiter. Big Ideas!

Mercury will overtake Jupiter on the 5th, as it did in January, and then retrograded in February (1). These two, Mercury – communication, exchange, curiosity, medicine and Jupiter – wisdom, expansion, have been having an intimate connection these early months of 2021. Big expansive thinking, communication, exchange, knowledge to expand world view, bigger picture, a great thirst for knowledge, significant opportunity to learn. Can see the big picture (Jupiter)and pay attention to the necessary details (Mercury). Positive communications with people and ideas that are potentially uplifting. Persuasive with infectious enthusiasm. Opportunities to break free from old patterns that diminish and establish new enhancing perspectives. It can be a time of great multitasking. Placing importance on credibility and knowledge that carries authority. Themes of integrity and traditional values. Professionalism recognition and over concern with the details “letter of the law”. Big ideas and plans.

Interesting as the COVID-19 vaccine gets rolled out,  Mercury ruling medicine, the exchange of substance,  Jupiter represents expansion, anything in a big way, backed with philosophy, knowledge, in Capricorn, the authority, the Establishment.








Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn (see above)

Start thinking about an Autumn cleanse, good time to research, increase your knowledge, get the details on the big picture


Mercury’s greatest elongation from the Sun (best time for viewing)

Third / Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio 12.30pm

When the Moon is last quarter it is square to the Sun, time to revision, find resolutions to goals that haven’t been achieved throughout this Moon cycle. Moon in Scorpio, tune into intuition, contemplate deeply. Tense phase of the Moon, creative tension that allows breakthroughs, whilst upsetting the equilibrium.


Mercury enters Aquarius, journeys through Aquarius till 1st April

Original, unique ideas. Think outside the box.


 New Moon in Aquarius 9.21pm







Knowledgeable loyal Aquarius. Humanitarian pursuits. This new Moon will meet up with Venus and Neptune time to appreciate one’s community, and love for fellow human beings, through art, music, nature, beauty, intuition, and imagination.


Venus conjunct Neptune in Aquarius

Cool, calm, collected individualistic, Venus in Aquarius meets Neptune

Dreamy, romantic, rose colored glasses.

Bach flower Clematis maybe helpful here if one gets too unrealistic!










First quarter Moon in Gemini

Activation of New Moon in Aquarius intentions on the 13th. Activate, express, act on those new ideas, communicate, network, exchange ideas.







Venus enters Pisces till 10th April







Venus the planet associated with relationships and love, is transiting Pisces, where Venus is exalted.

Work with Venus doing anything that requires beauty focus, imbued with love! Art, creativity, soul to soul intimacies.

Think love, feel love, do love!


Sun crosses the equator going North

Autumn Equinox 19.37 AEDT (Spring equinox Northern Hemisphere)

Day and night are of equal length








Mercury square Mars

Mercury in Aquarius full of original ideas, challenges resourceful, steady, grounded Mars in Taurus.

Patience is required, quick thinking over conflict, assertiveness is a theme, try not to come across aggressive. Land those good ideas!

Bach flower Impatiens and Holly if feeling irritable, angry, or impatient! And a cup of chamomile tea.


Venus superior conjunction

The Sun is between Venus and Earth and begins a slow climb into the evening sky in Pisces. Venus will be an evening star about April 19 when it sets at Twilight.


Harvest Moon

For several evenings, the moonrise comes soon after sunset. Resulting in an abundance of bright moonlight early evening, a traditional aide to farmers harvesting their summer-grown crops. Harvest” Moon! What have you harvested during the Summer months; how did you grow? (2)


Mercury meets up, conjuncts Neptune







Off with the fairies. Daydream believers. Imaginative, idealist. Write poetry, enjoy the art gallery, listen to music, contemplate, not a day to stay on task!

Bach flower Clematis maybe helpful here if one gets too dreamy.





(1)Keats, B. Astrocalender 2021



Unsplash pics in order of delivery

Mercury Jupiter: blowup 

Community:Unsplash@ William White 

Venus conjunct Neptune: Unsplash: Chelse Daniel 

First quarter moon Gemini networking: Unsplash @ Antenna

Fairy: Unsplash @ Allison Archer

Venus:Uffizi / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain 

(4) Stuart, M Story tellers night sky